So you’ve crossed your “t’s” and dotted your “i’s”, protecting your agency for when disaster strikes. You’ve installed generators and emergency alert systems, and your contingency plan is in tip-top shape. But, how can you ensure your agency is ready to face a disaster situation? The only sure-fire way is to test yourself, your infrastructure, and your staff.

Disaster PreparednessStart by testing your emergency alert systems. Run checks on:

  • Alarm systems
  • Smoke detectors and sprinklers
  • Emergency exit doors and signs

Next, confirm your generator and backup system are in working order. This means testing both, and providing enough extra fuel to keep each running.

Finally, check-in on your building structure, looking over items such as your roofing, windows, and doors. Make sure your building is up to standards, knowing what to look for to guarantee safety.

After checking infrastructure, put your agency’s Disaster Contingency plan to the test with random disaster preparedness drills. The goal of these drills is to ensure your staff is ready, and to look for any holes in your contingency plan. Put a team of individuals in charge of conducting regular drills, covering all possible emergency situations. It is important to run these simulations without warning so staff will have to think on their feet, just as they would in the real-life situation.

Bring in your agency partners as part of your simulations and tests, including your agency management system provider. At SIS, we regularly check our redundant backup systems and work with Partner XE users to ensure they’re ready for anything.  Collaboration is an important part of our partnership with our clients as we strive to be fully prepared when disaster strikes.

To find out more about how we care for our clients, including our latest Partner XE updates, contact us at or 800.747.7005.

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