The Power of the People How Partner XE Stays a Perfect Fit

As a company, we cannot evolve without our clients. Each client interactions is an opportunity to grow: to understanding expectations, market forces, and ultimately how we can best serve our partner agencies. Conversations with our support team, Regional Learning Events, Industry Events and workgroups all contribute to making Partner XE its most efficient.

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Through these interactions, we gain innovative ideas to enable greater agency effectiveness for each role.  This approach enables our clients to grow, add revenue producing roles and never outgrow Partner XE.

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At a recent Boston Regional Learning, a client shared their initial skepticism about Partner XE’s growth abilities around commercial lines. When they first invested in the system, the capabilities weren’t quite there…yet. Now, they’ve not only grown at a rate well above the industry average, they’ve kept support staff the same and improved productivity. That’s a great win – for all of us.

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It’s one thing to say you want to hear from your clients. It’s a whole other to actually change.  We’re intentional about listening and about follow through with a sense of urgency.  This creates greater trust and collaboration – acting as a true partner – working with our clients.

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We’ll continue to drive innovation through this important partnership. We welcome you to share your agency’s needs with us. Get in touch at or 800.747.7005, Option 6.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Michael Doran is President of Strategic Insurance Software and a Partner at NuGrowth Solutions.  At SIS, he is responsible for ensuring a great client experience.  This involves all aspects of marketing, sales, implementation, client services and training.  For the past two decades, Michael has worked at a variety of technology companies focusing on building great cultures and great client relationships.

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