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Stop overpaying for an overbuilt agency management system

Eliminate frustration

Unused capabilities, too many clicks, work arounds, inability to get accurate reports. Stop overpaying just to be frustrated. Partner XE is built for insurance professionals, not techies. Comprehensive AND Simple.

Enjoy what works

Chances are you currently enjoy some aspects about your system you’ll want to continue to use. The good news is you will be able to. We know because we’ve moved 1,000s from your current system and they’ll tell you.

Gain more right now

Find a company that listens to you, and a system that works for you and a price 50% less than what you’re paying today.

Read stories from agencies who moved to Partner XE from your current system

Kirk Haldeman

Pinnacle Group

The one thing I tell everyone is that what I pay for Partner XE in one quarter is what I used to pay on a monthly basis to my old provider— and I’m getting more functionality than I had before. Since switching to Partner XE, our CSRs have been able to handle 50-70% more business than we used to.

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Pat Hull

Jacobs-Weber Insurance

It’s twice the system, and the personnel are twice as responsive as our old provider. Transition was easy too — no headache, no regrets.

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Bill Bishop

Associated Insurance Agencies, Inc.

With our old provider, we felt like a number. It’s huge just to have someone you can call with questions, and they’re readily available. It has been the communication and the service provided that has made SIS stand out. It’s the quality of the people involved. You can’t find that in a big name provider.

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