At SIS we understand that you have numerous options when searching for an agency management system. Agencies choose SIS and Partner XE for a variety of reasons, first and foremost because the system has been designed to meet the independent agency’s needs. Here are some of the reasons customers have chosen Partner XE.

Mark Perkins

Perkins Insurance Agency - Abilene, TX

There is real bang for your buck with PartnerXE but it’s more than just saving money. It’s the whole package. It’s a seamless transition to a new system with high functionality and ease of use. It’s personalized relationships and constant, accessible customer service that will remain beyond the on-boarding process. You’ll never be just a number with SIS.

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Britt Linder

Peterson Insurance Services - Bartlett, TN

(Partner XE) just keeps getting better. And… the people are world-class. I would highly recommend it. After coming off our old system – you couldn’t pay me to change back!

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John Horvath

Neverman Insurance - Westlake, OH

Partner XE has the scalability we need, and SIS brought the attention to detail required for the move and transition… We couldn’t have gotten here without the help of the SIS team.

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Andrea Nelson

Unisource Insurance - Milwaukee, WI

(Partner XE is) … just much more user-friendly. Thanks to that, we’re getting more out of the software in these first fifteen months than we have in the past 25 years.

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Matt Derrenberger

Ann Arbor Insurance Associates - Ann Arbor, MI

We didn’t just want somebody new; we wanted the right fit. Just like with our customers, we wanted to make sure our new provider was the best choice for us. In the end, it was a total team choice to go with SIS.

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Jeff Cole

Cole Harrison Insurance - Kennebunk, ME

We saw SIS wasn’t a monolith encumbered by their size…They were incredibly nimble and able to turn on a dime for us, without delaying a process for a problem. It’s been remarkable.

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Dan Cassidy

Berndt and Murfin Insurance Agency - Portsmouth, OH

I’ve seen the alternatives. I have the first-hand experience. Partner XE has the price and the functionality. It’s where you need to go.

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Chad Van Camp

Family Insurance Center- Seymour, WI

The service is head and shoulders above what we experienced with our old provider.  It’s unbelievable how willing they are to respond and adapt to support us as an agency.

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Max and Alison Van Wyk

Van Wyk Risk Solutions- Grand Rapids, MI

What I often tell an agency owner is ‘If you want to be a number, stay where you are. If you want someone who will partner with you, you better be talking to SIS.

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Pat Hull

Jacobs-Weber Insurance - Yoakum, TX

It’s twice the system, and the personnel are twice as responsive as our old provider. Transition was easy too – no headache, no regrets.

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Mark Mraz

Insurance Consultants Group - Rocky River, OH

Often, when it comes to insurance people say it is price first and then service. That’s not how we look at SIS. We value the price of the product but that isn’t the main concern. It’s the features such as the remote capability, the Outlook Plugin and the direct bill commissions downloads that make it so invaluable to us at our agency. The second thing would be the service for the product that is out there. If you have a great product with horrible backup service it doesn’t do anyone any good. At SIS they are very responsive and timely with any questions and if there is a problem, they fix it.

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Traci Reynolds

Webre-Sherrill Insurance Providers - Round Rock, TX

SIS has been great about asking us what features we would like to see in future versions of Partner XE. It’s nice to say, “Other systems can do this, if you could make this one do it, it’d be great.” Being able to give that feedback is big. It makes it more user-friendly because we’re the ones on it every day.

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Steven Kramer

Kramer Insurance Center - Langhorne, PA

We looked at features. We looked at costs. We looked at ease of use, the learning curve, downloading ability AND which company representatives (most important) opened their ears and listened. SIS listened. That is what impressed me the most. There was another system I thought might be slightly better, but in the end it came back to the big thing — Who listened? Who was willing to try and solve the issues?

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Doreen Black and Marla Hutchings

Dastrup Insurance Agency

We can now grow our business without adding additional payroll. I can get more done with the same people because it takes at least 30% less time to get the data entry into Partner XE than it did in the old system. Time and money are the largest factors. Not only does it save us time, which saves payroll, but Partner XE is about 60% less expensive than the other system.

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Leslie Huesman

Huesman Insurance Group - Cincinnati, OH

When you look at what SIS does for the agents, it’s kind of how I run my business: I feel like if I go above and beyond to take care of my clients that I will have many more – and very loyal – clients. With SIS, I always get the feeling that they want to do whatever they can to make the system user-friendly. And that matters to me because that means they are going to have a better product on the market. I think that their goal every day is to make Partner XE the best system it possibly can be

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