Leslie Huesman

Huesman Insurance Group

When you look at what SIS does for the agents, it’s kind of how I run my business: I feel like if I go above and beyond to take care of my clients that I will have many more – and very loyal – clients.

Leslie Huesman owns a “paperless” insurance agency in Cincinnati, Ohio, serving a wide variety of personal and commercial clients. Huesman Insurance Group has grown 30% in the past four years. Huesman credits SIS and Partner XE with significantly contributing to that growth. Huesman says, “…With XE, we spend less time looking for things or following up. And that leaves more time for selling.” Among other features and benefits, Huesman gives the accounting function particularly high marks: “With Partner XE, I can get our entire agency billing and accounting done in three or four hours a month.”

If we only had the ability to use Partner XE and our e-mail, we would not need anything else on our desktops. We are paperless. We scan and shred everything that comes in. I used to be a big paper-chaser, and I can’t imagine how many hours I have saved because the Doc Box feature is so easy to use. I no longer search my desk for an application or that piece of paper with the serial number. You can always find the document you’re looking for. It’s always where it’s supposed to be in the system. And there’s never a time when someone is working on something and I have a document that they need on my desk, because it’s scanned, so we both can access it at the same time.

The XE system is just so easy. If we do a direct advance – and everyone in the office can do a direct advance – that gets the invoice done (even though they don’t know they’re doing it). They just click, then put in the amount. And if the person gave them a check, they put in the check number, and that’s it. In reality, they’ve done the invoice and the deposit, so all I have to do is click on the dollar sign at the top and it tells me all the checks in the folder out front. Then I hit “select all,” print my deposit ticket, go to the bank and I’m finished. How much easier does that get?

Accounting. I tell everyone, “XE is accounting for dummies.” With Partner XE, I can get our entire agency billing and accounting done in three or four hours a month. That’s a tenth of the time it used to take. And I can do it myself, which is a huge blessing for me because the part time employee who was doing my accounting wanted to retire. I didn’t have hours each week to devote to billing and accounting while trying to manage the agency. The ability to get it done in three to four hours for the entire month is a big plus for me.

I really credit the agency management system with our ability to grow. In the past four years we have grown by 30% and I attribute that to the fact that our CSRs can answer someone’s question and make a change immediately. We spend less time looking for things or following up. And that leaves more time for selling.

For example, if a client calls to change a car, the CSR can do it while she’s speaking to the client. And literally, by the time she hangs up the phone, it’s been done – completely documented. So we can service a lot more clients more efficiently and then have more time to sell.

I think if someone calls and you can take care of them in one phone call, that’s a plus. I think people do business with you because you make it easy to do business. I think that it’s nothing but a positive: being able to offer quick service and always having things at our fingertips is key.

When SIS offered us the opportunity to beta test Partner XE, I went to the staff and I said, “You know what? If we want it to be what we want, we have to put the time in to do it.” And they were all on board.

SIS asked us to run two systems side-by-side, which we did. My staff took it very seriously. And then we had to give them input about what we liked, and what we didn’t like.

The SIS people were awesome. I truly felt like their goal was to get a system that would be user-friendly, and our goal was to teach them what user-friendly meant to us. We were in constant communication with them. We’d give them information and they would update the system, change it, do whatever they could do. They took our advice… and they still do.

One of my favorite parts of it is the ability to pull up the last client I accessed. That’s something that some of the other systems I’ve used previously would not do. Someone in my position can get 50 calls and get pulled in 50 different directions a day. If I don’t complete something, and I don’t remember that client’s name, I wouldn’t be able to find the record without Partner XE.

My favorite function, though, is the ability to search our records. You can look at all kinds of stuff, like notes. For me, it’s a good training tool. I can tell when people are making notes, when they’re not making notes, who is working instances, who is following through with what they’re supposed to do. If you’ve used other systems, this one is going to be a walk in the park.

Not only that, that visibility into the business helps me to get to the point of what I need to work on with each employee. Is their lack of results due to the fact that they aren’t doing anything or is it that they don’t know what to do? I can see where I need more training and address things as needed.

I would encourage as many people as possible  to go to Columbus to do the training and learn from the beginning how  to use the system to its full potential. And secondly don’t hesitate to  communicate information to them. They’re very responsive.

When you look at XE, it is so night-to-day  different from the old Partner system that, for a minute, it takes your  breath away. You think, “Oh my gosh, I have to learn all this stuff over  again.” But that wasn’t the case. In a few ways you’re going to give up  some small things, but in a lot of ways the things that you gain are  better. And the XE system is just so easy.

When you look at what SIS does for the  agents, it’s kind of how I run my business: I feel like if I go above  and beyond to take care of my clients that I will have many more – and  very loyal – clients. With SIS, I always get the feeling that they want  to do whatever they can to make the system user-friendly. And that  matters to me because that means they are going to have a better product  on the market. I think that their goal every day is to make Partner XE  the best system it possibly can be.