Kirk Stubblefield

Stubblefield Insurance Agency

Partner XE gives you the ability to really see who is doing work in your company. You can look at retention ratios, renewals, etc. … and on a global scale you can get as in depth as you want and really see where your agency is headed.

Stubblefield Insurance Agency, LLC is growing. Not only has owner, Kirk Stubblefield bought and merged three other agencies in the last five years, he plans to double in size over the next five.

Recognizing that to continue to grow according to his plan he needed an easily accessible, web-based agency management system that would allow him to track remote office productivity and support a virtual office environment, he recently switched from his former system to Partner XE.

We just started in November 2011.

Once we had decided we wanted a new agency management system, we looked at several including the two big name brands. I have found that Partner XE has updated their programs so much over the last few years that they do pretty much what AMS and Applied will do. You look at the price and they are considerably less in price for basically the same program. Price is not the first thing I look at. My decisions are usually based on ‘what money it makes you not what it costs you’ – but when two systems will do virtually the same thing, then price comes in to play.

Also, this one (Partner XE) was very user friendly which is important when you are trying to teach employees how to use a system. The flow of the program just seemed to work much better to me.

Online hosting, scanning into Doc Box, the ability to attach those files directly to client in the system, for starters… With the document scanning capabilities and online hosted system we have with Partner XE, we are at the point now where we can scan in the documents and attach to client files so we can have employees or offices anywhere and they can open the file and easily obtain the information. It gives me the freedom to hire an agent anywhere. And with the new phone system we have, if someone calls this office we can transfer them to anyone in any of the other offices and that client will have no idea they are not sitting right there next to them.

It lets me break the reports down in a lot greater detail than before … Partner XE gives you the ability to really see who is doing work in your company. You can look at retention ratios, renewals, etc. … and on a global scale you can get as in depth as you want and really see where your agency is headed.

On a day-to-day basis, they let me track what everyone is doing and give me a much better idea where we are inside the agency. I can look and see what every employee has done for the day. I know if they are processing business or off doing something else. With three offices I can’t be there all the time, so this is a valuable tool. At least from what I can tell, the reporting capability has already increased productivity. My employees know I am tracking what they do and I am getting more production out of them.

Not only that, that visibility into the business helps me to get to the point of what I need to work on with each employee. Is their lack of results due to the fact that they aren’t doing anything or is it that they don’t know what to do? I can see where I need more training and address things as needed.

Globally, like I said, the reports give me a good picture of where we are headed as an agency. If I can see that one office is growing and another is not, I can dig deeper and see what the one office doing that the other isn’t and react accordingly. I can track business across the state. I can see what business we are writing more of in each specific area. I can see which lines of business are the most profitable. I can then take this information and use it to adjust our marketing strategy… Where things are working the best for you that is what you need to expand on.

Accounting. Since we went on Partner XE three months ago, I have moved all accounting to main office. I am still putting it all in the system but when it is in there it will streamline our business considerably.

So much of this system is just point and click and it is done, data entry is going to be way down. As we get it going, there will be less time on service work so we can be more productive producing new business.

Find one that is user friendly. If it is too hard for the employees to learn they are not going to like it. It needs to be simple to navigate, flow well and include all the pertinent information you need about each client/ policy. Partner XE is great in that regard. Every single thing you need to see in this policy is three clicks or less away. If you have to go through more steps than that you are wasting your time.

About Stubblefield Insurance Agency

  • Location: Abilene, Seymour and Olney, TX
  • Agency Size: 7 full time employees
  • 5 million in annualized premium
  • Specialty: Personal, Commercial, Life and Health