“It’s twice the system, and the personnel are twice as responsive as our old provider. Transition was too easy – no headache, no regrets.” – Pat Hull, Jacobs-Weber Insurance

With hundreds of conversions from more than 20 different agency management systems under our belt, SIS has designed Partner XE’s StartRight implementation process to make your transition simple, flexible and low stress. Our commitment to your success begins the minute you come on board.


The Partner XE team will work with your agency to prepare you for the data transition from your old agency management system, as well as establish roles and procedures for the transition. We will hold an introductory kickoff meeting with you where our partnership truly begins.

Our implementation and training team will set up your personalized online learning program for your agency.

You will get an introduction to the system, as well as all of our support resources through this comprehensive process. In addition, if you have chosen to have an onsite training, we will work with you to create a plan uniquely suited to your agency.

Our team of data experts will help you convert your data into Partner XE, as well as working with your carriers and downloads to ensure a smooth transition.

The Partner XE team will provide you with the Start Date support you need for your agency to get off the ground running. In addition, our dedicated support team will be there whenever you need us to answer questions and help you with the transition.