Having helped hundreds of independent insurance agencies switch to the Partner XE agency management system, SIS has developed training programs that enable successful change while building in flexibility to adapt to the unique needs of each independent insurance agency.  Our programs provide a blend of SIS training professionals and content that is easily understood and effectively delivered through multiple channels including online video, on-site, phone and workshops.

Our best practices approach leverages what we have learned from other independent insurance agencies who have effectively managed the transition.  You’ll hear those ideas and have access to all the learning resources as well as professional support from our experienced team. With our experience and resources working with you, your independent insurance agency can be confident as you make the move to the Partner XE agency management system.

And after you go live, you’ll continue to receive attention to ensure your independent insurance agency gets back to the business of serving your clients effectively.

Onsite Training with Go-Live Support

Our experienced trainers will come to your independent insurance agency for an onsite training session with all of your users. This involves classroom training as well as individual hands-on Q&A, if needed. On the go-live date, the trainers assist with getting everyone set up on the Partner XE agency management system and answer any initial questions. We suggest timelines for this based on the number of people to train in the agency that can be customized as needed.

Workshop Day at SIS

Another option is the Workshop Day at the Columbus, OH offices of Strategic Insurance Software (SIS). Those in your independent insurance agency who will be using the Partner XE agency management system are invited to visit our location for training. These sessions are customized based on individual need.

Online Training Session

In many cases, online training is very effective at getting you up and running on your agency management system. These remote sessions can be customized to each independent insurance agency based on need. If requested, training sessions can be recorded and made available for later viewing.